Top 5 Electric Tankless Water Heaters

A good option for homeowners to cut water heating cost is an electric tankless water heater. This appliance helps loss of hot water related to storage water heaters. Unlike gas-powered models or traditional water heaters, it can help you save money on your energy bills and can instantly give you hot water without any limitation – whenever and wherever.

In search of an electric tankless water heater, one has to be keen since there are plenty in the market and there are considerable advantages and disadvantages for each make and model. Give it a hang because we have a compilation of the best tankless electric water heaters just for you.

Bosch Tronic 3000

Product Features:

  • This unit is compact with a size of only 17.5″ x 14.5″ x 17.5″ and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically just about anywhere. This makes it convenient to use and won’t occupy much of your home space.
  • It is glass lined with an easy control temperature ranging 65°F-145°F
  • It can provide 94% thermal efficiency and the unit itself is well-insulated. It is also safe to use because of its temperature and pressure release valve.


  • Some people are not satisfied getting continuous hot water because of its small tank size. Storage capacity is small when mounted horizontally and may be inconvenient to use for some requiring hot water of 5 gallons at a time.
  • The unit can be best used in a sink or bathroom faucet or as a compliment with another water heater to deliver more hot water at larger amounts.

Bosh Tronic 3000 T is a customer favorite. Not tankless but a point-of-use electric water heater which comes with a  7-gallon capacity mini-tank that can provide hot water to a sink or appliance at demand whenever and wherever needed.

It is one of the cheapest at a price of less than $200, convenient to use with easy installation and a 6-year warranty on the unit and 2-year warranty on parts.

EcoSmart ECO 27

Product Features:

  • The unit blends well anywhere you place it because of its modish and pleasant design. It is space cognizant, measuring just 17″ H x 17″ W x 3.625″ D.
  • The internal parts consist of copper and stainless which helps with its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It is budget-friendly with controls that automatically adjusts the power usage and water pressure and a digital temperature that adjusts the water heater in 1° increment ranging from 80°F – 140°F.


  • Many households are delighted with their 50% reduction in water heating costs as compared the conventional tank water heater. With an input water temperature as low as 27°F, it can heat up the water of up to 3 gallons per minute equivalent to 2 showers, a sink, and a shower or dishwasher and a sink at the same time. However, in warmer climates where the output is 6 gallons per minute, it can run four showers at the same time and all your faucets can have hot water without limitation.
  • Almost a lot of people say the unit can’t always provide a continuous supply of hot water. This is due to the water’s intake temperature falling to 37°F for a long time, therefore, it doesn’t have much time to heat the water properly.
  • The electrical requirement is another concern. It requires a 200 Amp service to the home and three 40 Amp double pole breakers. An inexperienced household in installation and electrical needs has to call for a licensed electrician to do the job which is another out-of-the-pocket expense.

This unit is a good option for medium-sized families with 3 to 5 persons in it and with a more considerable need for hot water. It’s also a good choice for people with DIY and plumbing experience at a price of $500 without installation cost. It is necessary however to check the intake water temperature before purchase to make sure it can function properly. Note that the manufacturer’s requirements are apt with electric service at home.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW

Product Features:

  • Every month, the energy savings are even higher for other homeowners. This is done by optimizing the hot water use and installing low-flow shower heads and sink aerators to conserve water and energy. As compared to a conventional tank water heater, this tankless unit will use 15–20% less energy to heat water. Besides, it’s 99% efficient, meaning it’s not wasting energy, but rather conserving it.
  • This unit suits the bill at only 21.7″ x 20.1″ x 9.6″, so instead of taking up a considerable footprint in the basement, you can install it close to the point of delivery. It’s not just compact and discreet, it’s also completely silent when it’s working.
  • Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW produces 2.7 gallons of water per min. (GPM) and automatically adjusts to meet your needs. At an input water temperatures as low as 42°F, it delivers hot water equivalent to one shower and a sink running at the same time. At higher inlet temperatures, it can heat up to 5 GPM, or two showers and a sink.


  • Reviewers have noted that installation won’t be easy for a usual homeowner to do. An upgrade is also necessary if there is a lacking 150 AMP electric service requirement along with the installation of two 60 AMP double pole circuit breakers. To do the job, a licensed electrician is apt for it. Professional fees and upgrades can easily exceed the initial cost of the unit which is an additional cost to your budget.
  • Some reviews also say that it takes 20 to 90 seconds to deliver hot water to your faucets and that it doesn’t always provide hot water for the whole house. This is due to the internal control systems that limit the water output when the demand increases especially in colder climates.

A combination of German engineering and technology is a result of this unit intended to supersede a prevalent water heater tank without disrupting the entire household’s hot water. Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW is fit for large households with 2-3 bathrooms and with a high demand for hot water. At a price of $700 more or less and without installation fee, this is an affordable pick especially for people with electrical know-how. It also comes with a 7-year warranty upon leakage and 3 years parts back up. It gives adequate hot water without interludes although it might struggle in keeping up with various uses if the water’s inlet temperature is very low.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 36 KW

Product Features:

  • It supplies accordantly 3.7 gallons of water hot water per minute (GPM) where input water temperatures drop to 42°F. A plenty of hot water for two showers and a sink to run at once. It performs even better with inlet temperatures of 72°F, producing up to 7.5 GPM, that amounts to four hot showers and a sink running.
  • Output ranges from 86°F-140°F, depending on the user’s preference.
  • It is a budget-saver which can reduce your bill’s energy use to 15-20% while operating at a 99% efficiency. That means at least $30 savings on your monthly budget.
  • It is compact at a size of 14.52″ x 16.54″ x 4.61″ and won’t occupy much of your home’s space since it is wall-mounted.
  • It works so quietly that it’s inaudible when it’s working, even when it’s under a heavy load.


  • It usually requires the service of a professional electrician for upgrades and to meet its electrical requirements.
  • There had been claims of clog up due to a build-up of sediments, minerals, and other contaminants so it may be helpful to install a water filter.
  • Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 36 kW is suitable for a large household with high demand for hot water working simultaneously and at the same time.
  • Generally, most of the reviewers are pleased with the unit’s performance and its ability to produce hot water even when the water temperature is very low.
  • Like it’s smaller version Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 24 kW, this unit is also built to last for years and covered by a 7-year warranty against leakage as well as 3 years for parts replacement.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 36 kW


  • It comes with a stylish look and a compact size of only 4″ x 15″ x 19″ which means it will compliment any room and can fit even to small spaces.
  • It is very easy to install even for a non-expert handyman.
  • The unit can help you cut monthly expenses due to its energy-saving feature and works at 99.8% efficiency. It has internal controls that help with regulating the temperature at an accretion of 1°F ranging from 80°F to 140°F.


  • Some consumers have reported flickering of the unit’s LED light bulb when the heater turns on although an installation of incandescent bulbs can remedy it, it may cause some conflict with other appliances.
  • Upgrades are necessary to meet the electrical requirements for the unit to provide adequate power. Due to this reason, you may need to call an experienced electrician, add to that are complaints on their installation diagrams which are printed upside down. Though not a very big issue, the need to call for a technical support can take up some time of the homeowner.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for medium-sized households who don’t have a high need for hot water supply. The price is also within range as that of other tankless water heaters. This unit is one of the best at $450, easy installation and a warranty for maintenance, repair, and replacement.

In conclusion, electric tankless water heaters can either be beneficial or troublesome depending on the environment, need and usage for each household. It is essential to evaluate the pros and cons of each type to get the most suitable unit for your home. Electric tankless water heaters are a good choice over its previous counterparts because it enables you to operate with ease. It is also convenient to use, efficient, economical, and can serve a great investment since it’s able to cut energy cost while benefiting its use.

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