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Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Reviews

Rheem is an institute in the development of products in the heating, cooling, and water heating industry. It is known for its award-winning innovations and solutions around the globe. They are also leaders in pool and spa heating, commercial refrigeration and the largest manufacturer of water heating products northern part of America.

Aside from giving importance to product quality and efficiency, Rheem is admirable in highlighting the value of social responsibility. They find solutions to create a better world for future generations. This action is manifested on their ultra-low NOx feature found on tankless water heating products. The presence of water recirculation enables you to save thousands of gallons of water annually.

Rheem tankless water heaters offer you the perfect solution to your hot water needs at home. They are designed to supply continuous hot water.

The next information you’ll be reading will focus on the four variations of Rheem propane and natural gas tankless water heaters in the market. May this information leads you in choosing Rheem Tankless Water Heaters.

The Finest Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem RTEX 11 / RTEX 13 – Best Point-of-Use Models

Given that the unit cost is not an issue in the first place, Rheem RTEX 11 or RTEX 13 is the best choice that can deliver the perfect value for your money. These two units have the same features. The only difference is in the capacities they produce. Both of them are easy to use and are energy efficient as well.

The flow rate of RTEX 11 is 2.68 GPM with 11.000 wattages. On the other hand, RTEX 13 has a higher flow rate of 3.17 GPM at 13 000 wattages.

These Professional Classic tankless water heaters offer on demand, consistent and non-stop hot water. These units are made up of tough copper immersion heating elements with brass top leading to a higher durability and are threaded for easy replacement. They also feature an advanced digital temperature display.

With their lower flow rate, these units have limits on its applications. They can only cover a small house or a cottage perhaps. If applied to a single-point use, they can function in the water-saver shower head, standard shower head, standard hand sink, kitchen sink, small bathtub, dishwasher and washing machine.

These Rheem units have a 5-year warranty for heating chambers and 1-year warranty for parts.

Some unique features   of RTEX-11 or RTEX-13 are as follows;

  1. External Adjustable Digital Thermostatic Control with Led display.
  2. Durable Copper Immersion two heating elements
  3. Simple Installation. Comes with 3-foot electric cable and ½ NPT adapters

Rheem RTG-84DVLN Low NOx Direct Vent (Indoor) and Rheem RTG-84XLN Low NOx Natural Gas (Outdoor)

As a result of continuous innovation, these Rheem RTG series is one of the latest products from the leading brand in tankless water heaters. This is the series of ultra-low NOx Mid-Efficiency Tankless Gas Water Heaters designed for unlimited hot water supply. We say Mid-Efficiency because the series’ efficiency rating is .81-.82 UEF with an all-copper heat exchanger. Both, RTH-84DVLN Low NOx Direct Vent and RTG_84XLN Low NOx belong to this series.

The two only differs in the location of its application. The first unit mentioned is placed indoors and is a direct vent, which means it does not require an additional ductwork in the area. The latter one is placed outdoors and needs further ductwork.

These units have the maximum flow rate of 8.4GPM. Imagine the number of applications that can use at the same time, for a regular residential use, for example, peak reduction is not advisable.

With regards to performance, this series has an exclusive water saving setting wherein upon activation; this setting can save up to 1100 gallons of water per annum. Also, this series has low flow activation; minimum flow rate of .26 GOM and activation flow rate of .40 GOM provides hot water in low demand circumstances. For higher demand, accessories are available to link multiple units in a load sharing system.

In terms of installation and service, these units have a super easy installation and service. They have a Maintenance Notice Setting which alerts the users, after a 500-hour use, it’s time to call for a service check. Amazing right?

These units offer a 12-year warranty for heat exchangers (residential), 5-year warranty for heat exchangers (commercial) and 5-year warranty for parts and 1-year labor.

The best feature of these units is their low emissions due to its Ultra Low NOx burner, so eco-friendly.

Rheem RTGH-95DVLN & RTGH-95DVLP Tankless Water Heaters

The RTGH series has units with high-efficiency condensing Tankless water heaters. These two units, Rheem RTGH-95DVLN and RTGH-95DVLP are applicable indoors. Their only difference is the energy used; the first uses natural gas to operate while the latter uses propane gas to function.

These units have the maximum flow rate of 9.5 GPM and have the high-efficiency of .93 UEF with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger. It features a self-diagnostic system for easy installation and service. It also has the latest technology, all units under RTGH Series and Econet Enabled. All products from 2010 can connect to Econet Mobile application via Tankless Econet Accessory Kit. They have an intelligent electronic controls designed to increase energy efficiency and safety.

They also feature a space saving design, same size of a medicine cabinet at home.

As a common feature among Rheem products, these units are also eco-friendly because of its low emissions from ultra-low NOx burners. Their water saving setting can help save up to 1100-gallons of water in a year.

Finally, the same warranty applies to these units.

Rheem RTG-64XLN Outdoor Natural Gas

Another unit from the mid-efficiency gas water heaters of Rheem is this RTG-64XLN. As mentioned earlier, they belong to the group with ultra-low NOx emissions and designed for non-stop supply of hot water in 2 applications. This unit from the RTG series is fuelled by natural gas only.

Rheem RTG_64XLN has 82% energy efficiency with stainless steel condensing heat exchanger. An exclusive feature of overheat film wrap to protect the heat exchanger from overheating. Providing a maximum of 6.4 GPM flow rate, this unit can supply in 2 bathrooms simultaneously.

Remember that this unit is applicable for outdoor wall-mounted installation only. What makes this product unique is that it consists of a high-altitude capability; it can be positioned up to 9,840ft above sea level.

Lastly, the warranty for the heat exchanger is 12 years, 1 year for labor and 5 years for parts. Indeed, it is a good buy.

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