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Navien Tankless Water Heaters Review

Kyung Dong Navien or better known as the powerhouse KD Navien was the first ever company in Asia to introduce, manufacture, and develop the most effective and environment-friendly condensing boilers. For many years now, the company managed to maintain its reputation as the brains behind sustainability and success of the water heating industry through its highly efficient, eco-friendly, and energy saving products in the market.

With operations across the United States, Europe, Canada, and other countries, its reputable stance in the industry is ever-growing and is here to stay. Read on to find the best Navien Tankless Water Heater for you.

What sets Navien Tankless Water Heaters apart from its competitors?

–    Navien Tankless water heaters are ideal for residential and commercial use. Unlike conventional tank-type water heaters out there, Navien tankless water heaters are capable of providing a continuous supply of hot water when you need it.

–    Our unique take in condensing tankless technology produces an unparalleled improvement in terms of energy costs efficiency compared to our competitors and some traditional tank-type heaters. Navien Tankless Water Heaters boasts an average efficiency factor of 0.98, other similar competitor brands at 0.95, while conventional tank-type water heaters are at 0.55. Such figures prove to be an effective way of lowering the average homeowner’s energy usage/costs.

–    Navien water heaters are equipped with ECO Premixed Burners. This technology significantly decreases CO and NOx emissions by as much as 75 percent thus making Navien water heaters the most environmentally-friendly product there is in the market.

–    Another unique feature of Navien is its Comfort Flow Technology. “Cold water sandwich phenomenon” spring to mind with traditional tankless water heaters. Simply put, it is the short bursts of cold water in between normal flow of hot water. Navien’s recirculation pump and buffer tank addresses this concern.

With its wide variety of residential and commercial water heaters, there’s a Navien water heater just for you. Top models are as follows:

#1 Navien NPE-240A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater

This model provides an effective and eco-friendly water heating unit. It utilizes condensing technology at its best by capturing residual heat lost in regular water heaters. It provides superb energy factor for both noncondensing-type tankless models and regular water heaters. This condensing technology emits tolerable vent temperatures suitable for PVC venting which is easier to assemble and more affordable, too.


*The 2 stainless steel heat exchangers are product quality you won’t find easily.

*The special condensing technology is key to the heater’s maximum input efficiency of 199,900 BTU/H.

*Less NOx emissions: An eco-friendly variant with less than 20ppm Nitrogen Dioxide emission rate.


The heater is a bit expensive for some customers.

Overall: Durability-wise, energy savings, and ease of installation, this is a great product to own. You get your money’s worth.

#2 Navien NPE-240A Tankless Gas Water Heater

Considered as Navien’s next-gen in condensing water heater technology, installation time is significantly shorter while obtaining the same quality of hot water available for use anytime. It also eliminates the obstacles of old tankless heaters, an ideal solution for tank replacements.


*It comes with a buffer tank and recirculation pump. When there’s a higher need for hot water, the buffer tank with its built-in re-circulation system comes in handy as a storage unit which makes for a great heater.

*This heater is operational without the need for additional gas lines. Simply connect additional line up to 24” to the existing 1/2” gas line. Runs smoothly on both natural and liquid propane gas.

*With its Intelligent Preheating Technology and its user-friendly basic commands center interface, maintenance of Navien NPE-240A heater is a fuss.

*This model utilizes stainless steel dual heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are covered by warranty for 15 years.


This variant is a bit on the heavy side at 92 pounds. Product mobility can be challenging.

Overall: Modified, superb condensing efficiency, comfort flow technology, and field gas convertibility all conform flawlessly making this new NPE series tankless water heaters one of the best options in the market.

#3 Navien NPE-210A Premium Condensing Tankless Gas Water Heater

With its unique installation mechanism, Navien-210A Condensing Tankless Water Heaters are capable of providing an endless supply of hot water when you need it. This is achieved via activation of the heater as soon as the hot water tap is opened. Running out of hot water will never be which is an issue often experienced with other conventional tank-type heaters.


*The gas system used for this model is a field convertible, energy efficiency at its finest.

*This tankless water heater is capable of supplying hot water at flow rate of 10.1 gallons/minute. This is to further attest the product’s efficiency compared to its counterparts.

*Indoor or Outdoor installation, both acceptable. You can make room for it anywhere that’s convenient.


This variant is a bit on the heavy side at 90 pounds. Otherwise, a great product.

Overall: This model can get you the hot water you need when you need it. A smooth and unhampered flow of hot water, guaranteed!

#4 Navien NPE-240S-NG Premium Condensing Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

This variant is ideal for residential use. The durable stainless steel and unique fin-type design of heat exchangers guarantee maximum product efficiency. With condensing heat exchangers, increased thermal efficiency is achievable up to 98 percent.


*This model uses Preheating Technology as compared to other conventional water heaters in the market. The advanced technology allows for proper heat distribution and the fastest heat transfer possible making it truly efficient.

*Low NOx emissions are made possible with this variant. An eco-friendly and efficient way of getting the job done for you. A perfect partner at home.

*Hot water flow rate is at 11.1 gallons/minute. Considered to be much higher than most tank-type and even tankless water heaters.


This product is limited for homes with gas supply since it operates on natural gas.

Overall: 10-year warranty comes with this model. It allows you to fully enjoy your purchase with fewer worries. You get your money’s worth in no time.


As established pioneers in the water heating industry, you can never go wrong with Navien. In fact, Navien is synonymous to the “Cadillac,” ever solid and reputable. With expansions across the globe, it is living proof of Navien’s success within the home comfort sector as the leading provider of high-quality and reliable condensing tankless water heaters. With Navien, it’s money well spent!

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