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Eccotemp l5 Review

Water heaters are considered a necessity in every home. It comes to the rescue especially during the freezing-cold winter months. Getting one for your home is a smart move and a good investment. What may have been just an optional add-on to a house before is now considered a necessity in every household. Water heaters are here to stay.

There are lots of water heater brands and variants available on the market today. An informed decision is vital to ensure that you will be investing and spending your hard-earned money on the right water heater brand and variant.

In this review, we will focus on a particular brand and two of their top- selling tankless water heater variants. Read on and be informed. The products featured here may just be what you’re looking for.

Let me kick things off by posing two important questions for you to ponder on:

  • A tried and tested brand is always the best way to go in just about anything you’re investing in and putting in your home. Eccotemp is widely considered as one of the pioneers behind the introduction of energy-efficient water tank heaters. Eccotemp is recognized as the #1 seller of portable tankless water heaters in the world. Need I say more?
  • Tankless water heaters are gaining popularity over the years. They’re portable, durable, economical and easy to use than the old and conventional storage tank water heaters used a long time ago. If you’re interested about investing in a tankless water heater, Eccotemp offers a wide array of water heater products to suit consumers every need.

Eccotemp’s L10 & L5 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters

The Eccotemp L5 and Eccotemp L10 are portable tankless water heaters smartly engineered for outdoor use. Enjoying outdoor fun and activities away from home can now be enjoyed with the whole family. Cooking, washing soiled clothes/dirty dishes and enjoying hot showers while camping miles from civilization is now made possible.

While any Eccotemp water heater is a good one, let’s take an in-depth review of two specific outdoor water heaters, the Eccotemp L10 and the Eccotemp L5, and discover what they can do for you.


Similarities: Both models are tailored the same way, so functions and features are similar to one another.

  • Eccotemp L10 & L5 models are exclusively designed for outdoor use
  • In the absence of an electrical power source, dual D cell batteries can be used for both models as power source.
  • Both models operate with 74,000+ BTUs and require 20-80 PSI of water pressure.

Differences: Lies more on model specifications. Read on carefully.


L10 offers 2.6 gallons per minute vs. L5 offers 1.5 gallons per minute

(If flow rate is of importance, consider these numbers before purchase)


L10 weighs @ 27 pounds vs. L5 weighs @ 14 pounds

(If unit mobility and ease of handling are important parameters for you, consider these numbers and pick the right unit according to your needs)


Eccotemp L10 & L5 are propane heating models, the system works when internal sensors detect incoming water and fire up live burners to start the water heating/warming process.

Necessary precautions involving open flame and subsequent fumes should be taken into account when using this product. For as long as you’re careful, product use is no different from operating a stove with a pilot light.

Eccotemp L10 & L5 units can run perfectly on batteries or with the use of a power outlet. It makes off-grid living, outdoor activities away from home, and camping enjoyable.


Temperature-wise, both units live up to expectations. Hot showers anywhere between 80°F to 150°F can now be enjoyed wherever you are.

As for flow rate, the Eccotemp L10 and L5 models are durable and equipped to handle simultaneous usage. Given that the L10 model is more powerful than that of the L5, both can fill up a tub without problems. Different activities requiring hot water can be done simultaneously without fail. Eccotemp water heaters deliver. You can count on it!


Being portable units, installation is a walk in the park. Eccotemp portable water heaters are engineered and crafted to be used even in the simplest conditions. Installation doesn’t require lucrative college degrees to be able to put it up. Do-it-yourselfers can install it with ease. Simply attach the unit to a water-delivering device… voilà, hot water in an instant!

If in doubt, however, a user’s manual/detailed instructions complete with pictures are included inside the unit box.

A number of fittings and adapters are included in the box. You can easily install your water heater conveniently without a trip to the hardware store.


Doing research before purchasing any product is a must for every consumer. It will definitely help you make a sound decision every time and avoid having regrets in the future. In summary, below are helpful tips on each model to help you make a smart choice.

Eccotemp L10

Though advertised as an outdoor unit, numerous customers utilized L10 as a “point-of-use” tankless water heater in their homes. It only proves the versatility of this product. If you’re on the lookout for a reliable water heater for all occasions, this is the product for you.


  • Good for indoor or outdoor use
  • Equipped with a safety shut-off mechanism
  • Offers 2.6 GPM


  • Slight flow delays are expected
  • Heavier heating box compared to other models
  • Requires up to 80 PSI

Eccotemp L5

This unit is designed for outdoor use only. Portable and lightweight, it can be attached to almost any place you would want a readily available hot water outdoors. It is an excellent choice for those who need a mobile outdoor water heating system.


  • Lightweight, installation is a breeze
  • It includes a shower head and nozzle and other extras
  • One of the most affordable portable water heating systems on the market


  • The L5 only delivers 1.4 GPM
  • This model’s flow rate slows as water temperature rises
  • Requires up to 80 PSI


The expertise and craftsmanship dedicated to every Eccotemp product to provide its consumers a variety of water heating solutions to a myriad of problems particularly experienced in the water heater industry is just amazing. Eccotemp L10 & L5 Portable Outdoor Tankless Water Heaters doesn’t disappoint in its drive to provide hot water that can be enjoyed outdoors…anytime, anywhere.

Visit Amazon’s website now for other helpful reviews of both products. Surely, there’s the right Eccotemp Water Heater just for you. Shop now and enjoy the perks only Amazon has in store for you.

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