Eccotemp l5 Review

The Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater is the perfect addition to our campervan Water System. Reality check: it only takes a gentle summer breeze to make a cold shower feels really cold… With the Eccotemp L5, we can crank the heat up and enjoy! We think it often draws the line between taking a shower, or not taking a shower. We’ve been using our Eccotemp L5 full-time since June 2018, so we have a few things to review about it! l5

The Eccotemp L5 is a tankless water heater, meaning there is no hot water tank; the water is heated instantly, on-demand. It means you could shower all day and never run out of hot water! (well, that’s until you run out of propane or water) This type of heater is not common in north-american homes (but we start seeing them more and more), but they’re quite common in Europe as it is more efficient than a “traditional” water heater with tank. Indeed, maintaining a tank of water at high-temperature all day is not efficient; moreover, the tank is often located far away from the appliance and there is considerable amount of energy lost through the pipes and water wasted waiting for the water to get hot.

The heater is hooked to our pressurized water system (). Our system is similar to any RV: we have a 25 gallons fresh water tank and the Shurflo water pump create the pressure required to feed the appliances (sink, bike-wash & hot shower).

The gas and water (flow) can be adjusted to suits your preference. The temperature of the shower depends on the combination of the gas / water setting (and varies with temperature of water in the tank too!)… For example, more water (max) results in lower shower temperature as there is more water flowing through the heat exchanger at a given time.

Here’s the easy part: just… take a shower! The Eccotemp L5 detects water flow and ignite (and shutoff) automatically, neat!

To save water, we turn the water off during soaping/shampooing (a.k.a. “Military Shower”. According to Wikipedia it uses about 3 gallons of water -we confirm that!-, as opposed to 60 gallons for a normal 10 minutes shower!)

  • We wish the water knob could be adjusted to a lower setting to save water (but we can “override” this by using the valve that we installed).
  • We wish the gas knob could be adjusted to a lower setting; when we “override” the water flow (with our own valve), the water gets a little too hot to our tastes (on hot summer days).
  • If it’s really windy, the flame will extinguish. It happened on 2 or 3 occasions during the summer. We just turn off / turn on the water and the flame ignite again.

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