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Eccotemp L10 Review

The Eccotemp L10 is an outdoor and portable tankless water heater. It is portable, but is meant to be installed in the outside permanently. It will endure the weathering better than standard outdoor heaters, but you must uninstall it and store it if you won’t use it for very long time. If you are looking for an outdoor heater for your cottage, your campsite, your chalet, or your house at the beach, this propane powered device produces 2,5 gallons of hot water per minute and will surely meet your outdoor bath needs.

It produces up to 2,65 gallons per minute of hot water, starting from 80°F and reaching a max of 165°F, which is enough water for two simultaneous water usages. It comes with a ignition powered by two D cell batteries that works only when the water is flowing. This way there’s no danger of overheating and saves energy, which is great for remote areas with a limited energy supply. This unit includes standard half inch NPT fittings for an easier installation with common fixtures. The normal working range is from 25 to 80 PSI. This device also runs perfectly on modified systems like 12-volt pumps.


The Eccotemp L10 in as outdoor water heater that works like a power station for delivering hot water. It has a safety 20-minute shutoff timer that works automatically to prevent the machine from overrunning and bursting.

Propane Gas Regulator. This model features a CSA regulator that runs on a common 20-pound propane tank. The ignition start works on two D cell battery, so it doesn’t need electricity.

Accessories. Some extras that come with the heater are a stainless-steel rain hood, a 3,5 feet hose and a hose adapter.

Automatic Shutoff and Temperature Controls. These features come included with the L10. It’s expected to deliver up to 2,65 gallons of hot water per minute. It has a voltage rate of 3 volts and a heat input rate of 20Kw. The device weighs 27 pounds.

Benefits of the Eccotemp L10

Easy Installation. Installing the L10 portable water heater is a piece of cake. It comes with all fittings and parts required to install it as soon as you unpack it. The few things you must have are some tools, what comes inside the box, and a gas tank, and there you go. Comes with common ½ NPT fittings so you don’t have to buy adapters to connect it to your ½ fixtures.

Installed Outdoors permanently. This model is meant for permanent installations outdoors. And even if it’s listed as a portable heater, it is thought out to be installed permanently. It’s perfect for campsites, RV’s, cottages, chalets, houses at the beach, and a lot of other outdoor applications.

Easy Settings. The L10 starts quickly and is ready to deliver super-hot water on low water pressure. You can adjust the temperature with the manual settings to get the right temp. Its temperature range is of 165°F.

Things to know

While out of use, the L10 must be emptied and stored. Remember then, every time you leave your summer house, uninstall and store the machine. Heating power is higher on low water pressure, as some users have noticed.


The Eccotemp L10 is a tankless water heater made for recreation purposes and to be installed outside, so it’s a bit tougher than the common portable models you’re used to. It has several functions to make sure that you will enjoy hot water when you want it and some important features too.

Tankless water heaters are also known as steady and constant flow, quick, on-demand, flash, instantaneous water heaters that immediately heat water as it runs through the artifact, and doesn’t have a tank to hold water, excepting what is left in the exchanger coil. Its heat exchangers are made of copper, which is a great heat conducer and helps with thermal efficiency.

Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater

User Feedbacks

The Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Tankless Water Heater can be installed in any place of your home. But it is also portable and you can take it anywhere in your suitcase. Different than any standard heater or bigger devices, it can still meet all hot water needs for the whole family.

Save money in the long term. Even if this Eccotemp model is more expensive in the purchasing process, its consumption needs are cheaper. The reason is that it only heats water when asked and not all the time heating a full tank of water. Houses with continuous water use should notice the difference in their utility bills. If you’re looking for a heater source that heats water on the spot for a limited time, you can use a timer to reduce the extra heat wasted from the device. The water tank of an electric heater is seldom subtracted so that the exterior of the tank warms up to a higher temperature than the environment, so the cost effectiveness of this tankless model is higher.

Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater

Water saving: Users living in remote places of a building don’t need to wait to have hot water delivered from the faucet.

Unlimited flow: If the amount of hot water delivered by a water heater depends on the flow level of the device, it can certainly provide an unlimited and continuous water intake. This might be not that eco-friendly, but water use with this water heater is not restricted.

Less space needed: This Eccotemp model can be installed indoors on a wall. That’s to say you don’t need so much space left for the water heater. Actually, any tankless water heater occupies less space than any tank water heater.

Less risk of leaking: Since it doesn’t have a tank to store water, there’s no risk of tank braking and less risk of water leaking.

Temperature stabilizers: It has a valve that lowers temperature to prevent the heater from overheating. Tank heaters temperature tends to go down while using continuously. This advanced tankless model releases pressure and reduces temperature with a bypass valve and a mix valve included in the device. This heater uses a compensation system that regulates the water flow it gets and delivers, in order to stabilize temperature. You can adjust temperature without changing the water flow. With a lower water flow, the water gets hotter. With a higher water flow, the temperature decreases. The flow valve, along with the thermistors, solves this problem keeping the temperature balanced during the whole use of the heater.

Safety: You can adjust the water temp accurately to reduce the risk of scalding. Another safety feature is the reduced presence of toxic metals that are usually seen in hot water and restricts the use of a water tank for a long period of time.

Description – Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater

When you are at your holiday house, camping, lakeside, or lazing by the swimming pool, at the end of the day all you long for is a delicious hot water shower. Connect your water heater with a garden hose to a 20-pound propane tank and you will have a luxurious hot water supply wherever you are.

The L10 is the ideal water heater for cottages, chalets, or even for the outside of your home. It has a temperature range of 50-140°F. It comes with an electric ignition that works on two D cell batteries, which is perfect for remote areas lacking energy supply. It is suitable for 12-volt pumps and has a great performance with the EccoFlo Pump and Strainer. It can be easily mounted on the wall using mounting brackets on the rear of the device. You only have to connect the propane tank with the included gas hose to the regulator, and the water hose to the hot water inlet. Once all connections are made, insert two D cell batteries and turn on the start switch. You will get hot water right away. These functions are great for your campsite, showers at the beach, washing stalls, and whatever comes to your mind. A carefully packaged unit, a high-quality chrome shower head, and a durable stainless-steel hose are included in the box.

  • It has a working range of 20-80 PSI.
  • Comes with a 20-minute Safety Shut-off Timer.
  • Comes with a 45° Safety Tilt-Switch.
  • Gas regulator and garden hose, hose adapter, showerhead, and outlet water fast fitting come included in the box.
  • It’s easy to set and adjust temperatures. The customer can make changes at ease.
  • This portable tankless water heater has a small and light design, perfect for transporting and storing. It can even fit in your travel suitcase. It occupies little room so that you don’t have to give up on any of your other stuff.

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