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Bosch tronic 3000 t review

Do you like to use hot water, but tired of waiting for the cold water to boil? In such case, let Bosch Tronic 3000 T ES2.5 Under Sink Water Heater eliminate the hassle. This device will ensure that your hot water will be delivered the moment you need it.

This is among the best from Bosch. Furthermore, it ensures that you won’t need to be concerned about the inconvenience associated with other water heaters anymore. Also, you will definitely love the fact that it is a compact unit.

Since it is constructed as a smaller device, you can anticipate that it is to be installed under your sink. Bosch also made it possible to construct the water heater as a pair to almost every home sink design. Apart from residences, you can also consider it as a replacement for office building water heaters.

This product also ensures that you will not have difficulties with installation. You simply need to tap into the line where cold water passes. Afterward, setup of the heater under the sink will already follow. To start its operation, you simply need to plug it into a 120-volt outlet.

Bosch electric water heater from Tronic 3000 series are found in five sizes; US3, US6, US7, US9 and US12 – and are usually called under-sink water heaters as they are installed mainly in the bathroom or kitchen sink. With the smaller output and water flow, series 3000 is known as the point-of-use group. The efficiency is little higher than on the previous models; 99% vs. 97%, while the flow rate is much lower; it goes from 0.5 GPM for US3 model to 1.8 GPM for the US12 model. Most models require voltage from 208-240 V while the model US3 120 V.

Electric water heaters from Tronic 3000 series utilize tankless technology for on-demand water heating mainly to one fixture. The models are small and lightweight, equipped with the copper heat exchanger and heating elements, where only the model US12 features the thermostatic control. Another difference from the above whole-house models is that the 3000 series allows installation horizontally or vertically.

The last category of the Bosch electric water heaters is the Tronic 3000T, a group that consists of the three models; ES 8, ES4 and ES2.5. As opposed to the above electric and tankless models, Tronic 3000T utilizes a small storage tank where hot water is always ready to be delivered fast to the fixture. It can be used as the stand-alone or in recirculation systems reducing the wait time for hot water delivery.

All the 3000T electric heaters have a compact and lightweight design, with the maximum size of approximately 17x17x14” and weighs close to 30 pounds, for easy installation either on the wall or mounted on the floor. 

Tronic 3000T uses one 1440 W heating element for easy hot water supply mainly to one fixture with the maximum temperature of 145 F, while the largest model ES 8 can be used for delivering hot water to 2 sinks at a time. Also, model ES8 is hardwired, requiring some hands-on skills for installation, while ES4 and ES2.5 are the simple plug-in type.

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