Rinnai Water Heaters 

10 Best Rinnai Water Heater Reviews

Explore the wide range of Energy Star certified water heaters with high consumption efficiency. They are available for residential and commercial use.

V, RL, UK, RUCS, RUC and RUR series

Check out the ratings of Rinnai tankless water heaters from the V, RL, UK, RUCS, RUC and RUR series. Also cauldrons, including the latest Sensei line with and without condensation technology, Wi-Fi connectivity, smart technology, running on natural gas and propane.

Rinnai water heaters are small and compact, using the latest technologies available to provide users with a constant and effective hot water supply, for one or more outlets.

Rinnai water heaters can be used domestically for all types of homes, as well as in businesses and mobile homes, in new or existing homes regardless of the configuration of the pipes already installed.

It has dimensions of approximately 19 x 26 x 10 inches, and is suitable to be installed both indoors and outdoors, freeing up space. As it is compact and lightweight, the tankless Riannai can be loaded and assembled by a single person, making installation very simple.

The ratings that Rianni products have on websites confirm that Rinnai heaters and cauldrons are the best on the market.

Riannai’s tankless water heaters cost around $600 and $2300, while the installation cost varies depending on the model, and can reach up to $1000.

Most Rinnai heaters come with a 15-year warranty for application in the residential area, and 8 years for use in the commercial area. The shortest guarantees of 10 years are obtained on the cheapest models.

Rinnai tankless water heaters with reliable, and provide hot water instantly and endlessly. It saves up to 40% energy, so they are very efficient in that regard. The 0.96 power facto is available by the RU, RUR and RUC models.

There are also tankless water heaters with recirculation that work without dedicated line, in case it is your preference. This is because certain models have built-in ThermaCirc360 System with bypass technology and internal pump, while the cold water line is used as a return line. This is an excellent solution for households where there is no recirculation line and difficulty installing.

Water recirculation can be controlled wirelessly using the Rinnai Control-R Wireless Module. When you install the Wireless Push Button or Wireless Motion Sensor near the point of use, you’ll get hot water quickly and consistent with the temperature you want. The latest models include voice activation using Amazon Alexa.

Intelligent technology allows the user to receive automatic maintenance alerts, and choose someone to perform remote diagnostics. In this way, Rinnai helps you keep your water heater tankless with excellent performance and making sure it’s durable.

It has a 24-hour programmable digital controller, where you can select hours of operation during the day, providing your home with hot water whenever you want. Most water heaters have a built-in standard controller, but other types are also optional.

You can install the Rinnai water heater inside or outside the wall, which makes it a very flexible appliance. And for faster installation, the RUR and RUC series models include dual PVC/CPVCconcentric vents in the same model.

The advances in technology presented by Rinnai heaters make them the world’s leading leader. They operate with lower power consumption than other competing heaters, and have no NOx or CO2 emissions. It lasts for 20 years, and all its components are replaceable and recyclable.

The actual durability of water heaters depends to a large extent on proper installation, in addition to quality, usage rate, environmental conditions and maintenance.

RUC and RUR series

The best Rinnai water heaters can be obtained in the RUC and RUR series, or the SE+ and Sensei series. These are high-efficiency models that use condensation technology, low NOX emission, intelligent technology, and the highest efficiency with higher water flow.


From the RUC series you will get the RUC98i, which is the most advanced model, in which the temperature control is integrated in the front panel for convenience. This indoor unit has a water flow of 9.8GPM, which is enough for a home with four bathrooms. You can modulate power from 15200 to 199000 BTU, and preheat water with secondary heat exchanger. This model operates with the lowest energy losses, so it will save you money and be environmentally friendly.

RUR98 and RUR199

The RUR98 and RUR199 are the best. Both are Energy Star certified, and are able to provide hot water quickly at stable temperature, ensuring efficiency, comfort and user experience. These joins have built-in recirculation technology.

In addition, they provide a high water flow of up to 11GPM, which is ideal for much larger homes regardless of weather conditions. These models are equipped with integrated technologies such as the check valve in the ventilation system, and electronics will protect the unit from freezing. Up to -4F outdoors and -22F indoors.

The Control-R Wi-Fi Module makes it very easy to use manual control, however, with the integration of Amazon Alexa, the water heater can be turned on with voice.

Another great feature is the flexible vent, so the heater can be installed with concentric or twin tubes up to a length of 150 feet in length.

This series comes with a ventilation system that is smaller, lighter and cheaper than previous series, and allows up to 14 configurations for greater flexibility. The heaters also come with a 15-year warranty.

Water heaters capacitors are the best of Rinnai, but they are also somewhat expensive. There are other models that are more accessible to most consumers.

Rinnai RL75

An example is the Rinnai RL75, which is not Energy Star certified but is nevertheless a very good option to buy as it has a fairly high energy factor of 0.80, has a power of 180000 BTU and a water flow of 7.5GPM , which is enough for a three-bathroom home. It is an environmentally friendly unit that has low NOx gas emissions.

As it features Circ-Logic technology, this model can also be used in recirculation to provide water faster, and with Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity, it can be controlled remotely, even monitored and diagnosed.

Rinnai V65

Another model that represents a good option is the Rinnai V65, which is smaller than the previous one but yet has features that provide more comfort for less value. This is intended for smaller two-bathroom homes. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, using both natural and propane gas.

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